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Equation of terra


Ω ∫ Terra[x]n = ∫∫∫∫ . . . ∫∫Terra(x1,x2,x3,x4, . . . ,xn,t) dx1 dx2 dx3 dx4 . . . dxndt = Terrapolis

� x1 = stuff/physis, x2 = capacity, x3 = sociality, x4 = materiality, xn = dimensions-yet-to-come

� (alpha) = EcologicalEvolutionaryDevelopmental Biology’s multi- species epigenesis

Ω (omega) = recuperating terra’s pluriverse

t = worlding time, not container time, entangled times of past/present/yet to come

Tentancular definitions

Terrapolis is a fictional integral equation, a speculative fabulation.

Terrapolis is n-dimensional niche space for multispecies becoming- with.

Terrapolis is open, worldly, indeterminate, and polytemporal. Terrapolis is a chimera of materials, languages, histories.

Terrapolis is for companion species, cum panis, with bread, at table

together—not “posthuman” but “com-post.”

Terrapolis is in place; Terrapolis makes space for unexpected companions. Terrapolis is an equation for guman, for humus, for soil, for ongoing risky infection, for epidemics of promising trouble, for permaculture.

Terrapolis is the sf game of response-ability