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syn. clan, family, tribe

Wide and wild category of human/non human relations.

"My purpose is to make “kin” mean something other/more than entities tied by ancestry or genealogy."

"Kin-making is making persons, not necessarily as individuals or as humans."

The most kind to you is not necessary in kinship with you. Making kin and making kind

Motto of Chthulcene: “Make Kin Not Babies”

Feminists were first who raised an attention to the reproductive and sexual violence. Donna Haraway stress that absence of reproductive rights around the world is stunning.

Donna believes that in hundred years we can reach population of 2-3 billions. But with better relations and interconnections, coexistence of a variety of living beings, human and others. Quality, not quantity.


“Why are humans so obsessed with recreating themselves?“ - says Forensic Analyst Haraway, a character inspired by Donna Haraway. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence